Anyone choosing Abatoria Limited to sell, rent, buy or manage their property will definitely get more than they bargained for...

Abatoria Limited specialise in prime residential properties in Wapping, St Katharine Docks- the Mayfair of the East End, Limehouse, Canary Wharf, Spitalfields and many City living areas.

What sets Abatoria Limited apart from other agents is the wealth of additional services that we can provide which include interior design services, furniture packages, property management and even down to your plumbing, heating and electrical needs.

We endeavour to provide first class customer service to all our clients which enables us to provide a greater range of services than other agents.

We are delighted to present the extensive range of properties currently available in the Abatoria Limited portfolio. You will see there are a variety of property types which are all within the city location that share the common theme of quality.

Meet Our Team

Mini Brar-Thompson

Alan Thompson

Agne Valadkaite

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